John C Dvorak : “iPhone Unlikely to be Big Success”

In this CNBC segment, John Dvorak gives us his take on the Apple iPhone. He thinks this device is unikely to be a “big success.”
This is an interesting little segment, Dvorak gets a lot fo flack from time to time for the things he says but i think with this he is right. Remember this is the same man that predicted that the intel switch will be a big boom for Apple, and it has. But this iPhone will sell a lot, but not take the market by storm, unlike the iPod the other cell phones have some pretty nice things, as he mentioned the keypad. This is the key reason i got a Palm Treo 750v over a Cingular 8525, which is pretty much a touch screen for calling as the keyboard is only used in typing, two hand mode. I want that feel of the key, the feedback of it so i know what keys i am hitting. It is important if your doing one handed calling where you cant see the keys, or even texting alot. While i love touch screens for other interface actions, which is why i love the Treo, i think the iPhone rocks there. But i think this phone will be a hit for the Sidekick people but not hurt the palm, bb and etc power users market.

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