Why do jobs require Word Docs!!!!

Ugg, this is a major rant that pisses me off.
As i have been posting i am looking for a job on and off, applying at anything that catches my eye. Well things are looking good, but one thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that a lot of these stupid web resume interfaces that these jobs require to apply for (which is something i hate) do not accept pdf resumes! And not only that, but they require MS Word files!! Well as someone who has taken pride in making my resume in LaTeX, which looks very nice IMO is ruined when made in MS Word. Also, what gets me is MS Word has you locked down, while pdf is soon to be an open source standard and its not like these managers at big companies dont know how to open PDF’s. While working at Lockheed, most of the files we used where in PDF and when we E-Mailed docs it was always considered good practice to make it a PDF so people dont get scared if you have a macro virus. Just think about that, all those poor Business major who take time writing there resumes only to have all there word doc e-mails kicked out of the servers because they have some macro virus.
Uggg.. All i ask for is to accept pdf files!! Also dont use stupid web resumes to ruin my format.

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