The Tech on the new C-Class

So I thought my post on my test drive of the C-Class was lacking information on some of the cool tech we saw on this car, and seeing as I am a tech person I thought i should add some of my though.
First, the “new” command system which you can see in this picture
Driving Position

The screen that you see is the command systems screen, and its foldable so its hides itself very well, great so when its parked on the street its not screaming to be broken in too. To control the system, you use a dial in the center console much like the i-Drive… OK, dont start to sigh, this is not like the i-Drive at all. It only shares the dial with it, but this is much easier! First, right above the climate control are tradition buttons that are used to access main systems like Radio, Navigation and etc. You push these buttons to get to to the main screen for the function and from that point on you use the dial nob to make all the changes (sub menus, changing stations, entering in address) you need. Very simple, and light years ahead of the i-Drive system you will find on BMW’s. The simple buttons for main function helps out a lot from getting confused, and I think by the waiting to see how the i-Drive went and then applied lesson learned to there own system. Behind this its power by a Hard Drive (not much detail given) which is not to shocking as the new S-Class is already shipping with a Hard Drive to hold the map information. Also it will have Bluetooth support and iPod, something you expect with all car. I did not test with the iPhone because, It did not just come to mind but I should have.

Now the real cool thing i love about this, during the presentation they mention that they have teamed up with Yahoo Local Maps and Google Maps to allow you to UPLOAD your destination address straight to your car! Now the catch is you need to be subscribed to Tele Aid (MB’s version of On Star, works great as I have it on my S-Class) but this is a nice feature as many times I will look up places to go to on my computer before i leave (like Yelp! ) only to copy the address, go to the car and enter it all in (which is a PINTA on the old Command System). Another interesting thing, this is another case of Google and Yahoo teaming up with each other in recent months, The last major thing I could think off would be the iPhone which has Yahoo Push E-Mail and Yahoo Weather but then uses Google Maps. I just find this interesting and maybe showing the two teaming up, and may I start a rumor about a merge?

There is some other driving tech, which I would love to get in too more (like leveling suspension) but not much info was given at the party or in the information given but you can read my driving review for information.
Oh one thing I left out was about the tranny on the C-Class, but as it was something old for me (The S-Class shipped with 7-Speeds a while) and its just smooth and great. I just thought 1st gear was too tall but otherwise good under stress, but its no Sport transmission. With no flappy paddles and no true way to control the gear shifting. It will only allow you to set a max gear, so by pushing the side gear lever to say 3, it means you will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear available. Its best just to put it in Sport mode. If you want a manual, you can order one with it, but they stated only 2% will be brought to the US with manual transmission.

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