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So late year I reported on this during the iPhone 1.0 launch that you can find out during normal hours (my old blog home: http://zuhaib.typepad.com/my_blog/2007/06/apple-iphone-av.html ) , not just after 9PM as the apple iPhone website states ( http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/availability.html ), the availability of iPhones at apple stores.  You do this by going to a URL http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/feeds/3g_us_inv.json and checking your state and local apple store as to if its “true” for in stock and “false” as for not.


{"name":"MacArthur Center","storeid":"R211","city":"Norfolk","url":"\/retail\/macarthurcenter\/",
that shows that MacArthur Center in Norfolk is already out of 3G 16GB Black iPhone (wow that is a mouth full).  But is in stock for 8GBs Black and 16GB White.

The top says it has a date but it seems to be more abou the launch time then when it was late updated as when I checked at 12pm PDT everything was “true” but now already about 5pm PDT things are showing up false at some stores, and guess what? Its mostly the 16GB Black ones.  I have not fully checked it out, as, I wanted to pownce and post this up on my blog first =P

They might just be updating it for 9pm for people on the east coast but it wont hurt to get an extra peak under the hood.  Also it shows that mabe the reports of the holdback might not be true as they are reporting no stock of the the 16GB Black phones.  Hope this helps anyone looking to buy a 3G iPhone (I will be waiting as I am having a lot of fun right now with my old one).

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