Protesters at Apple Store-Stonestown in San Francisco

So today I had to make a trip to the Apple Store in stonestown to drop off my Macbook Pro for repairs (LCD and the Hard Drive started to die).  Just as I was leaving i noticed two people standing outside.  At first I though maybe they where the Defective by Design people as they where in Lab coats (see here) IMG_0051

But after going up to them and getting a flier I notice it was something else and far from tech.  They where from a Union, Carpenters LU 405, and were upset over the fact a contractor that apple has hired is no longer using Union contractor.  A bit complicated, i know… Check out the flier IMG_0053 IMG_0054

This is not a new issue for anyone that has had a business that does construction from time to time, and we have seen many company run afoul of Labor Unions, but, its a bit rare to see Apple names tied in it.  Also the novel way that these guys where doing it, almost in a “Union 2.0″ type of way (yes I just made that up) caught me off guard. No pickets, no yelling, nothing.  The lab coats kind of add that extra layer of geek to it that just makes it scream “silicon valley”.  All they need is to make a facebook group and start posting all over Digg about this and they will be complete.

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7 thoughts on “Protesters at Apple Store-Stonestown in San Francisco”

  1. Seriously? Have they considered that they’re not doing a good enough job – that’s why they changed contractor?

    Also, you’ve got to add to the fact that… okay… if the union was hired back, wouldn’t the south bay construction people lose their jobs? It’s an endless cycle – and they’ve got to admit the fact that… if you get fired, work harder to get your next job. Reflect on mistake, don’t blame others.

    Plus, everyone is have economic troubles. Not just you unions. So STFU.

  2. Calvin, I think you’re confused about the protest. They didn’t change contractors, the contractor quit the union and now the union is upset. Personally, I’m not a fan of unions.

  3. The local Carpenters Union here in Dallas, TX also loves to stage these protests outside office buildings downtown, with 15 or 20 members handing out flyers. They do it everytime someone remodels an office and doesn’t do it through one of their preferred contractors. I’ve always thought that if they invested that same amount of time and energy into, you know, working, everybody would be much happier.

  4. It is sad to read how ignorant people are about the labor movement!! Union does not fight people, Union fight greed! How fast do we forget that thanks to organized labor we work 8 hours a day, have a work day, work week, weekends, workers comp, pension, vacation and a lot more. Unions spend members’ money to protect you not only union members. South Bay const and their non-union subs, purchase their material in the same store that union employers do, they are cheaper because the majority of non-union corp do not provide benefits to their workers, that’s what union protest! Fair wages and benefits for all workers. Unions are not perfect, but I would rather have a union protecting my rights that the government or I should say, Corp-Government. For all of you that do not know, corporation invented a new way of exploiting workers (Salary Workers) do the math, hours worked vs. hourly wage, you will find out that thanks to union it hasn’t got any worst. Check this site

    Carpenter by trade, Union by choice.

  5. I know a guy that works for the union. Between jobs they take what they call “funemployment” 4 months a year. Easy money. Huge pay and benefits. 6 figures. Not even a 2-year from the local Junior college needed.

    Total scam. It’s great to see how scared they get when the possibility of competing for work is mentioned.

    I love it.

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