49ers lack of draft talent during the Nolan Era

Note: This is in response to an article by Matt Maiocco, which I would love to leave a comment on but it seems his new blog wont accpet new user accounts and the openID system is broken.  So I am going to trackback to this blog and hope Matt Blog team fixes it.  Link here: http://blog.pressdemocrat.com/49ers/2008/10/so-far-niners-havent-gotten-much-from-top-of-draft-classes.html

Its not just the lack of 1st round talent on the 49ers that is lacking, but if you look overall at all the rounds of the drafts and they all have come up short.  We have had a few guys standout, Gore is the one most point too, but just take a look at our starting players and you will see the guys that made any impact are going to be FA pickups outside of the O-Line and LB.  And its not like the O-Line has been playing great or the OLB been able to produce presure (MLBs with Spike and Willis are set but again we have had a hard time finding someone to pair with Willis fo a while).  For someone that talked about building thru the draft what we have seen instead is a team built with other team rejects FA with a few high price FA mixed in with a draft class that never lived up to hype.  I am worried that this team is still in need of roster mix up, and I dont know if Nolan and company are willing to do that.

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