Local News STILL behind the times

News rooms all over Americans have been sweeting bullets about how online blogging are going to kill them because of their fast reporting and today I can see why. Around 4:40pm today right in front of my office was a crazy scene you would see in a action move set. Tens of cops, uncovers, motorcycle and etc on a high speed chase of who knows why. What i caught was a man trying to car jack people as he tried to ran away from the cops which I have never seen in my whole life. So after all the rumors on the street, it was a murder, bank robbery, who knows. But I thought I would wait till it hits the local news. Well I turn on the 5:30 news.. Nothing. 6:00 news? Nothing as well. Head over the sfgate and nothing really local. The only local news is about Bad Air and the tiger lawsuit. Really? Is this local to me? Your telling me a high speed chase is not local news? I am sorry, but that is pretty important to me as I live here (ok i live a few blocks away, but my building is there). I can see why sites like sfist are so popular with locals and the -ist sites are. They are what locals really care about. We all know San Francisco is a big city and maybe we do care about bigger issues but losing on reporting local news is pretty bad. I saw a camera man there, but, could not tell what channel he was from so he could have been a freelancer. But this lack of reporting of crime is a bit scary because if I was not there I would never know about it.

Pictures of the even after the break

Police #1 (by Zuhaib)

photo.jpg (by Zuhaib)

Photo #3 (by Zuhaib)

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  1. Well Local News definently is more quality news to me than blogging IMO.

    I’m not sure how they prepare their news for the day but I assume there is a process and this is some kind of loophole in the system.

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