Phone Phreaker almost started WWIII? Part 1 of 2

It what every world leader fears to hear, a phone call by a hostile nation warning you that soon you might be on the receiving end of an attack. You must act quick, get ready a defense, prepare for a counter attack and maybe be ready to pull the big guns and get ready the WMDs. But, what if that phone call never happen? What happen if it was a hoax? That is what happen (reported) between Pakistan and India just hours after the bombings in bombay.

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The Story

The TimesOnline UK and AP via google is reporting Pakistan received a phone call by a person claiming to be the India’s Foreign Minister stating that India is planing to take military action against Pakistan.

“The hoax caller threatened to take military action against Pakistan in response to the then ongoing Mumbai attacks, which India has since blamed on the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), they said.”

This set off a chain reaction by Pakistan president ordering the Air Force to go on “high alert”, which by some is interpreted as getting nuclear weapons ready. This type of action could have easily had resulted in Indian misinterpreting pakistan movements can caused them to attack first or Pakistan trying a first strike in defense. This plays out like a script out of a movie, where someone could influence the actions of two counties.

Pakistan claims that phone call did come from inside Indian and from the Indian Foreign office and that they did verify the authenticity of the phone call, while Indian claims stedfast that Pakistan was negligence in checking the phone call authenticity.

Looking over the finger pointing, how can the communication between two nuclear powers be in such a state of disarray that a confirmation needs to be done manually.

Without knowing what type of phone system/communication system is in place currently we see as early as 2004 the two countries try addressing the lack of communication by setting up a hot line

“The two countries agreed as early as 2004 to establish a hotline between their foreign ministers in case of an accidental nuclear launch, but neither side could clarify today whether the link was up and running.”

So there is no confirmation if the hot line is up and running and we know in the past the lack of such system can cause much headache. A good example was the cuban missile crises where both the US and USSR where reduced to communicating over radio. This pushed the US and the USSR to setup a hotline which was not really a phone but a type system.

So how would someone fool a phone call? More to come in the next post…

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  1. Hi

    First i would like to correct you here: “which India has since blamed on the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), it was banned in Pakistan so its EX-militant group. And its quite interesting that we are saying it was from the Foreign Minister Office and they dont believe it…Pakistan and India are in a never ending circle of blaming and pointing fingers at each other. Its been going on for so long and to me it seems like it will never end. First India goes under attack which i feel very sorry for and i mourn for the people who died but India blamed it on Pakistan. But they dont see that we are the victims as well, Pakistan is not going thru the gloriest times of it all either we have bombings from Talibans and its getting intense but its not in the news bc our stupid senseless media is not covering it and not letting the world know they we Pakistanis are victims too. 2 days ago a van blew up infront of a mosque killing 29 people in NWFP there was a rumour for a long time that oh Indians did it as a revenge for what “we” did. I mean what is this? What is happening to us? is everytime there is going to be a attack we are going to say India did it or Pakistan? People need to get some sense and try to get to the bottom of this.

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