So finally I am getting off my lazy butt and trying my hand at a new project, that at porting Zekr to the iPhone/iPod touch and first step is making a SourceForge project, Zekr4iPhone.  Ok the name is a bit raw, and we could use something nicer but its just a working title.
Its going to need a lot of work, we need to first find a nice way to implement Unicode Arabic in Objective-C/Cocoa because a lot of time it produces characters that are not connected.  If you know Arabic that can be a problem. 

A short list of things needed right now are

  • People with Java/Objective-C Coding experience (plus if they have done a Java to Objective-C Port)
  • Unicode experts on the OS X/iPhone
  • iPhone/iPod touch UI gurus, I suck at UI

This will be a learning experience for me in doing an iPhone App and I hope for others they can learn something else as well as we help port over what I think is a great Application.

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