Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Damn it, I turned on Wale Wars and now I am hooked. But am I wrong for rooting against them #
  • wtf, the local new channel said you need to change your oil filter every 3,500 miles or 3 months. What car mfg recommend that still #
  • @clegg48 well duh, they want to sale oil. Most mfg have pushed to 5k and a lot to 10k+ Even Harley says 5k is good on synth in reply to clegg48 #
  • @clegg48 Hum, not really but I can see technical debates over seals and etc. At 6.99qt, and with new tech I trust synth for 10k. in reply to clegg48 #
  • @clegg48 Good thing you dont have a Harley, the oil on that changes color after the first few start ups in reply to clegg48 #
  • Went to do a favor for an old friend, and it's things like this you would only do for a friend #
  • Iron Eagle Nominee: Israeli Armsdog-Millionaires Assault Bollywood, Good Taste – #
  • @AnamPagal Check this out #
  • The tweetdeck new iPhone app rocks, it'd the best iPhone app I have seen, not just Twitter app #
  • @Viper007Bond You can send that $10 over to me.. no promise about you upgrading your iPod Touch in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • hum looks like this iPhone 3.0 rush is getting to apple, I am having a hard time grabbing app updates #
  • @Viper007Bond Hey how is the 3.0 software on the iPod touch? Is it worth $10? #
  • You have not lived till you have parallel park a classic vw bug in downtown. Manual and no power steering. Fun #
  • @clegg48 Did you just post a link to your house…. #
  • PSA for today, Hot exhaust +Cloth that can melt == NOT A GOOD MIX.. Also hot pipes burn =( #
  • @Viper007Bond dont tell me you do My father is a two finger typer, and before becoming a system engineer was a programmer (with punch cards) in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • Listening to the Commonwealth club debate of CEOs of the Sierra Club and Chevron. Why does it seems the Sierra Club CEO sounds like a dick #
  • @frederickvan actually I have had the 3.0 update for the dev release and found it slow then and still slow now on the current iPhone 3G in reply to frederickvan #

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