Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • @AnamPagal OMG! You finally used this! hello! in reply to AnamPagal #
  • If true, this explains why Egypt lost to the USA.. Very embarrassing #
  • well Revision3 has finally jump the shark, after killing The Broken now they have killed off Systm. #
  • Oh I forgot to tweet yesterday, while riding around on my motorcycle I caught what looks like a test Mercedes Benz ML450 Hybrid #
  • Humm, i wonder if I should jump on this Dell deal for the 1.5GB Seagate. The only scary thing is its a Seagate. #
  • Well i took the jump, and bought the Hard Drive. This should help get my desktop online, i hope =( #
  • I hate sending snail mail.. I always forget to get stamps and then they sit on my table forever #
  • About to watch transformer with my friend and his two month old girl o_0 #
  • Lol the girl next to me is seeing the movie with one guy and as he went to the bathroom another dude came up and kissed her #
  • Some days just get weirder and weirder as the day moves on #
  • Just noticed the city in India my dad was born in is home to a former Indian PM & Pakistan PM. Makes you wonder why they hate each other #
  • Ugg! Looks like Sage is not ready for 3.5 yet and I cant find a decent RSS reader for Firefox that is =( Anyone got ideas… #
  • OMFG! Got sage working on firefox 3.5! Elite hacking skills FTW! (more like editing text.. but shhhhh) #
  • @spin I dont see how that has to do with Apple, but more to do with why some private company has control over what should be public data in reply to spin #

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