Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Ugg Sun Burn! #
  • Oh today was a weird day, played soccer in the morning, afternoon hanged out with Saeed Anwar after the mosque and got his sig #
  • *sigh* Server acting all funny, first wont make http connections out, and now it wont accept ANY connection in so I am blind as I am offsite #
  • @sujithabraham but does it have to be that way? in reply to sujithabraham #
  • Is it not weird to wear a giants cap in a's colours #
  • Having a shitty tech day. I should just o to the woods and have no electonics at all #
  • WTF, so my server suddenly does not want to respond to me if I am from one IP, but will work on another. I think its the ids or firewall #
  • At Oakland airport, noticed they used dban on the old clear traval machines #
  • At the Irs oakland office, I am starting to understand some of the hate of the IRS. Make u wait 45min to answer a simple question #
  • Ugg IRS office with bad day time drama. Kill me #
  • Humm, i just switched to Disqus comment system for one of my wordpress blogs and my spam attempts dropped to 0 :o I might be a believer #
  • Restoring my iPhone, i hope this solves some of my problems =\ #
  • Got my free sample of dunkin donuts! Used my French press to make it (not the best idea) but not bad. I would say middle of the road #
  • Reading the Saddam interview transcripts, its an interesting read if you have the time for it #
  • wow.. Just got home after the fireworks and hiking and dead tired #

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