Osama Bin Laden’s SUV

Well according to The DEW Line before the heat started to get on him it was an SUV of some kind with an sun roof

“[Osama] Bin Laden, before he got smart, he had the only white SUV that had a sun roof in Afghanistan … but he figured that out pretty fast,” Schulte said.

Does not give away too much but I going to guess it was a Toyota Land Cruiser.  You might ask why, well when I visited the area in 2003 the hot new thing in the area for the rich was Land Cruisers, so much so that many held it in higher regard then a Merc or BMW.  This is not too odd as Toyota trucks have been popular with terrorist/3rd world nations for a long time as they are nearly indestructible as proved by Top Gear.

YouTube Preview Image and YouTube Preview Image

makes you wonder if we should just not track every Toyota imported to the region

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