Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Nice I drove from sf to san Ramon with my wallet. Lucky for me I am rolling with my dad #
  • If anyone is courious why I am in san ramon, it's for a desi wedding. #
  • WTF they invite everyone at 8pm and don't open the hall doors till 9:10pm. I think this is even late for most desi #
  • I am getting tired of Wilson as a closer for the Giants right now #
  • I just had the most epic veggie sandwich at coffee bar ever #
  • So i spend 3/4 of the day out and just noticed I had my shirt inside out o_0 #
  • Taylor's Automatic Refresher 5/5 on Yelp: This place gets 5 star not just for its food, but killer customer service…. #
  • Wow! Mass, one of my family closest friend, had a photo of himself and his car featured in a book/nytimes blog :o #
  • Someone help my friend, he is about to buy a Kerby vacuum from a door to door salesman… I MUST STOP HIM! #
  • @Mallikarjunan Animated gifs should have died in the 1990s…. in reply to Mallikarjunan #
  • OMFG! I wait the whole day to get everyone free to get a 3-way call going, and just as we are about to start my iPhone drops the call! #
  • Time Machine says it needs to backup 39GB =( this is what i get for only doing backups once a month #
  • Oh finally! Bowker is playing!! I am telling you, this kid is going to light things up #
  • @spin Its a great poweruser type of interface if you know how to use it as I have things broken down by ppl, mentions, facebook and trends in reply to spin #
  • Ug, no giants in HD on direct tv. Same crap with sharks games, don't know if it's comcast fault or directv #
  • No-No baby! Go SF Giants! #
  • Why am I up so early… #
  • Only in LA #

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