Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

  • @Viper007Bond doubt you will find a netbook that last all day. Your iPod will so better, but u can do a lot more on a laptop in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • BBQ + Soccer + Nice weather = WIN. Also getting a goal over Qasim and a full tackle causing him to hit the ground helped =P #
  • #
  • Shitty day, I just put a dent in my GTI #
  • That is me being a retard =( #
  • oh not again, i am getting ads on Engadgets RSS feed for Muslim dating sites… o_0 #
  • @twonkymedia I am loving the demo, but, its not going to be worth the money till it can do transcoding #
  • sitrep, One broken cup holder, one destroyed iPod connector, and a dent that has been repaired for $170. FML #
  • Word of advice to everyone, never trust someone in North Cal if they are wearing a Dodger Hat #
  • @Clegko who said it was me :| in reply to Clegko #

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