Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • @Viper007Bond Not on heard of, it seems a lot of the big companies think its their way to get in to "web 2.0" is to pay for comments in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @donttrythis have you tried any data recovery on that drive? Might have some interesting data on it… in reply to donttrythis #
  • So if you say something good about Mohammed Ali Jinnah you get kicked out of an major Indian Party =\ #
  • @ritualcoffee I would love to but fasting for Muslims more then likely start Saturday so I might be their but I will have to pass this time #
  • @gioi maybe you should give Ramadan a try, help with the whole no smoking thing =P in reply to gioi #
  • Ramadan Muburak everyone! #
  • @patricknorton Forgot to mention runtime in techzilla for software recovery you guys covered them at DLTV I have used them and its great #
  • @Clegko Thanks for posting that on my first day of fasting :| in reply to Clegko #
  • @Clegko lol its ok, just the first day is always a bit harder. Then it gets easy as time passes in reply to Clegko #

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