Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • @Clegko I would pick Redken for men over that. Then again i am right now using… Fekkai shampoo in reply to Clegko #
  • I swear this is just not the season for he Giants =\ #
  • Check this video out — President Obama Gives Ramadan Message #
  • @Clegko you mean 10.6 =P I am ordering, but i am wondering If i should just upgrade in place or do a fresh install. did it for 10.5 in reply to Clegko #
  • @gioi shut up… I will take pleasure when i see Dodgers lose in the first round of the playoffs :\ in reply to gioi #
  • @Clegko Drop box is nice, but, i am always scared about what they do with my files =\ in reply to Clegko #
  • @gioi that is interesting, I wounder how long till it happens here. Did you check this out in reply to gioi #
  • So while cleaning some stuff out i found an old glove I got signed, and noticed its signed by Orlando Cepeda! What should I do? #
  • Found a signed ball as well, but can't make out the sig #
  • Watching The Message, been a long time since I seen it #
  • I unlocked "Pygmy Bowling Shaman" in "Pocket God"! #
  • I unlocked "Pygmy Bowling Demi-god" in "Pocket God"! #
  • @MattMaiocco We need more play by play, KPIX feed just died they are throwing up their logo #

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