Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • @Viper007Bond Tweetdeck is awsome the whole ablity to filter stuff alows you to manager all you tweets and facebook, plus iPod/iphone tie in in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @leolaporte noo, you let Kevin celebrate the niners lost on Twit =( made me cry again =( #
  • This is an oldy but I love it, #
  • Is their a app that lets you manager mutiple wordpress blog (ie updates, database, users and etc) maybe @Viper007Bond has an idea #wordpress #
  • Humm WPMU is intresting, more like say in your case you have our personal site and finalgear. Is their an app you can fireup and manger both #
  • Anyone has a google wave invite to spare… :) #
  • @brettmckay We all know you did, how can they pass up hooking your great blog. Now be a man and give me an invite ;) in reply to brettmckay #
  • @leolaporte Seems like today I am seeing a lot of tweets of your in my feed that dont show up on your twitter page… whats up with that #
  • @Viper007Bond you can have subfolders within the main dropbox folder. Rsync also works in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • this is for u @gioi i am at a halal place eating burger that has Spanish Soaps on the TV. #
  • Since more invtes came out today, anyone has a Google Wave invite for poor old me #
  • @MattMaiocco which QB from next years draft do you like, and which do you think the Niners would be looking at in reply to MattMaiocco #
  • @gioi ouch, but once it comes in dont forget to hook me up ;) in reply to gioi #
  • @Clegko found it last night but the site seems pretty dead, they still show grandcentral as a top invite yet they are gone now in reply to Clegko #
  • Fuck, burned my finger on a heathsink! My fault for seeing how hot it was after a fan got stuck #
  • @Viper007Bond Anyone E-Mailed you thinking you are James, Hammond, or Clarkon? #

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