Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • @MattMaiocco At lest your getting two games, we in SF are stuck with the Cards v Hawks game in reply to MattMaiocco #
  • scary thing is my dad said the same thing a while back at an airport :\ #
  • Just uploaded 6 new photos to my Flickr "Fleet Week 2009" photoset: #
  • @Clegko Same reasons we need a WHS, it makes *some* sense had they made the drives removable. I can think of a few business that can use it in reply to Clegko #
  • Question for my Facebook friends from SF, how many of you guys heard of the western addition while growing up #
  • Its almost scary the fact its true #
  • @hostchopper I say take the Chopper and fly over to Adobe HQ and demand they cut the fat in reply to hostchopper #
  • @CoffeeGeek because Coffee is more cooler then random gadgets :P BTW ever had Indian Monsooned Malabar? I got a half pound to try 2m in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • Damn watch the Yankees cheat and stall the whole game to get their pitcher ready. That's bs #
  • @CoffeeGeek oh, well 2m morning French Press coffee is going to be fun, but knowing me I might go Turkish for fun in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • @CoffeeGeek I can see why, it is very different a taste I think i need to try more to get the right word. I can see why some hate it in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • This is depressing my picture of Barry Bonds on flickr is getting reference for people searching for Barry Blond Suck =| #
  • I hate 10am Niner games on a Sunday :( #

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