Just finished Medal of Honor on Xbox 360…

Just finished Medal of Honor on Xbox 360 and first I am shocked at the short game play, it felt shorter then MW2 which was a short game. MoH is suppose to be better then MW2 yet it feels dated compared to a game that came out a year ago. Game play and story was meh, MW2 felt like a movie and kept you on your seat. This was predictable. Typical of EA games bug galore, got stuck on a ATV that required me to restart the game and in many parts of the game you can see Enemy spawn right infront of you as they come out of thin air. Also the AI for both Enemy and your teams mates is bad. You will see Enemy stand next to a team mate and fire ONLY at you. And your teammate will ignore them as they just firing at you. Also the AI does not change anything up, so if you die and need to restart they do the same thing again. Come on. Gah.. The only thing I am happy is I got the game from Amazon so I have $20 credit to use to buy MW2:Special Ops which I hope lives up the MW name.

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  1. Hell yeah. Short is right. I was shocked that it was ending. Felt like there should be another 50% at least. Very glitchy as well. Doesn’t compare to MW2. I played this on the hardest setting for the campaign, and I’m not great. Disappointed to see it end so suddenly and so soon. You live. You learn. I guess they had to get it to market before MW2 came out.

  2. Totally agree. Played this on PS3 and though the graphics were beautiful (didn’t notice AI issues on PS3 btw) the story wasn’t very intriguing and in itself was incredibly short. I feel ripped off. Is this why Frontline came with it for free? Also the mulitplayer is very frustrating.

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