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Different Types Of Escorts

Escorts are becoming more common than it was some few years ago. Today, they are the best thing that has ever happened because they are offering satisfaction to many helpless men. Some of the men are married, but are not satisfied at home. Many are single and just looking to have fun with no emotional strings attached. The good news is that Charlotte Escorts provides beautiful, sexy, and highly experienced escorts that take you on a romantic journey and make you forget any problem you could be experiencing.

There are various types of escorts and you have to be wary because some of these women are not willing participants. Below are descriptions of some of these types of escorts:

Call girl

Call girl escorts are also referred to as independent escorts. They are self-employed and work in places such as hotels and private buildings away from public eye. They make themselves available by online advertisement where they provide their best pictures (mostly nude), the kind of services they offer and leave their contacts. They usually charge high prices and enjoy all the profits because you talk to them directly.

Sex slaves

Sex slaves are everywhere. These are young and beautiful women who went in foreign countries in search of work, but things turned sour and they were forced into sexual slavery by their employers in order to get food. They are hopeless and are into escort business because they have to, otherwise they will starve to death. Thus, they don’t charge as much as call girls and what they get is shared between them and their employers. Being in the escort business is not their choice.


Streetwalkers are vulnerable to exploitation, often work for pimps, and are paid less. In many cases the level of satisfaction they give is lower than that of a higher paid escort. Where prostitution is illegal, streetwalkers often find themselves on the long side of the law and are therefore nervous as they don’t know what might happen to them the next minute.

High-class escorts

Most of these escorts are from low-class backgrounds who take advantage of their outstanding beauty to sell themselves to wealthy people who pay huge amounts for their services.

Brothel employees

Brothels are designated places where people pay to have a good time with escorts such as sex and massage. They charge moderately but the escorts don’t get much because part of the money paid goes to the brothel owner. These escorts are sexy and give maximum satisfaction to their clients to ensure that when they come again, they will specifically request for whoever gave the best service.…