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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Nice I drove from sf to san Ramon with my wallet. Lucky for me I am rolling with my dad #
  • If anyone is courious why I am in san ramon, it's for a desi wedding. #
  • WTF they invite everyone at 8pm and don't open the hall doors till 9:10pm. I think this is even late for most desi #
  • I am getting tired of Wilson as a closer for the Giants right now #
  • I just had the most epic veggie sandwich at coffee bar ever #
  • So i spend 3/4 of the day out and just noticed I had my shirt inside out o_0 #
  • Taylor's Automatic Refresher 5/5 on Yelp: This place gets 5 star not just for its food, but killer customer service…. #
  • Wow! Mass, one of my family closest friend, had a photo of himself and his car featured in a book/nytimes blog :o #
  • Someone help my friend, he is about to buy a Kerby vacuum from a door to door salesman… I MUST STOP HIM! #
  • @Mallikarjunan Animated gifs should have died in the 1990s…. in reply to Mallikarjunan #
  • OMFG! I wait the whole day to get everyone free to get a 3-way call going, and just as we are about to start my iPhone drops the call! #
  • Time Machine says it needs to backup 39GB =( this is what i get for only doing backups once a month #
  • Oh finally! Bowker is playing!! I am telling you, this kid is going to light things up #
  • @spin Its a great poweruser type of interface if you know how to use it as I have things broken down by ppl, mentions, facebook and trends in reply to spin #
  • Ug, no giants in HD on direct tv. Same crap with sharks games, don't know if it's comcast fault or directv #
  • No-No baby! Go SF Giants! #
  • Why am I up so early… #
  • Only in LA #

Osama Bin Laden’s SUV

Well according to The DEW Line before the heat started to get on him it was an SUV of some kind with an sun roof

“[Osama] Bin Laden, before he got smart, he had the only white SUV that had a sun roof in Afghanistan … but he figured that out pretty fast,” Schulte said.

Does not give away too much but I going to guess it was a Toyota Land Cruiser.  You might ask why, well when I visited the area in 2003 the hot new thing in the area for the rich was Land Cruisers, so much so that many held it in higher regard then a Merc or BMW.  This is not too odd as Toyota trucks have been popular with terrorist/3rd world nations for a long time as they are nearly indestructible as proved by Top Gear.

YouTube Preview Image and YouTube Preview Image

makes you wonder if we should just not track every Toyota imported to the region

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Ugg Sun Burn! #
  • Oh today was a weird day, played soccer in the morning, afternoon hanged out with Saeed Anwar after the mosque and got his sig #
  • *sigh* Server acting all funny, first wont make http connections out, and now it wont accept ANY connection in so I am blind as I am offsite #
  • @sujithabraham but does it have to be that way? in reply to sujithabraham #
  • Is it not weird to wear a giants cap in a's colours #
  • Having a shitty tech day. I should just o to the woods and have no electonics at all #
  • WTF, so my server suddenly does not want to respond to me if I am from one IP, but will work on another. I think its the ids or firewall #
  • At Oakland airport, noticed they used dban on the old clear traval machines #
  • At the Irs oakland office, I am starting to understand some of the hate of the IRS. Make u wait 45min to answer a simple question #
  • Ugg IRS office with bad day time drama. Kill me #
  • Humm, i just switched to Disqus comment system for one of my wordpress blogs and my spam attempts dropped to 0 :o I might be a believer #
  • Restoring my iPhone, i hope this solves some of my problems =\ #
  • Got my free sample of dunkin donuts! Used my French press to make it (not the best idea) but not bad. I would say middle of the road #
  • Reading the Saddam interview transcripts, its an interesting read if you have the time for it #
  • wow.. Just got home after the fireworks and hiking and dead tired #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • @AnamPagal OMG! You finally used this! hello! in reply to AnamPagal #
  • If true, this explains why Egypt lost to the USA.. Very embarrassing #
  • well Revision3 has finally jump the shark, after killing The Broken now they have killed off Systm. #
  • Oh I forgot to tweet yesterday, while riding around on my motorcycle I caught what looks like a test Mercedes Benz ML450 Hybrid #
  • Humm, i wonder if I should jump on this Dell deal for the 1.5GB Seagate. The only scary thing is its a Seagate. #
  • Well i took the jump, and bought the Hard Drive. This should help get my desktop online, i hope =( #
  • I hate sending snail mail.. I always forget to get stamps and then they sit on my table forever #
  • About to watch transformer with my friend and his two month old girl o_0 #
  • Lol the girl next to me is seeing the movie with one guy and as he went to the bathroom another dude came up and kissed her #
  • Some days just get weirder and weirder as the day moves on #
  • Just noticed the city in India my dad was born in is home to a former Indian PM & Pakistan PM. Makes you wonder why they hate each other #
  • Ugg! Looks like Sage is not ready for 3.5 yet and I cant find a decent RSS reader for Firefox that is =( Anyone got ideas… #
  • OMFG! Got sage working on firefox 3.5! Elite hacking skills FTW! (more like editing text.. but shhhhh) #
  • @spin I dont see how that has to do with Apple, but more to do with why some private company has control over what should be public data in reply to spin #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Damn it, I turned on Wale Wars and now I am hooked. But am I wrong for rooting against them #
  • wtf, the local new channel said you need to change your oil filter every 3,500 miles or 3 months. What car mfg recommend that still #
  • @clegg48 well duh, they want to sale oil. Most mfg have pushed to 5k and a lot to 10k+ Even Harley says 5k is good on synth in reply to clegg48 #
  • @clegg48 Hum, not really but I can see technical debates over seals and etc. At 6.99qt, and with new tech I trust synth for 10k. in reply to clegg48 #
  • @clegg48 Good thing you dont have a Harley, the oil on that changes color after the first few start ups in reply to clegg48 #
  • Went to do a favor for an old friend, and it's things like this you would only do for a friend #
  • Iron Eagle Nominee: Israeli Armsdog-Millionaires Assault Bollywood, Good Taste – #
  • @AnamPagal Check this out #
  • The tweetdeck new iPhone app rocks, it'd the best iPhone app I have seen, not just Twitter app #
  • @Viper007Bond You can send that $10 over to me.. no promise about you upgrading your iPod Touch in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • hum looks like this iPhone 3.0 rush is getting to apple, I am having a hard time grabbing app updates #
  • @Viper007Bond Hey how is the 3.0 software on the iPod touch? Is it worth $10? #
  • You have not lived till you have parallel park a classic vw bug in downtown. Manual and no power steering. Fun #
  • @clegg48 Did you just post a link to your house…. #
  • PSA for today, Hot exhaust +Cloth that can melt == NOT A GOOD MIX.. Also hot pipes burn =( #
  • @Viper007Bond dont tell me you do My father is a two finger typer, and before becoming a system engineer was a programmer (with punch cards) in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • Listening to the Commonwealth club debate of CEOs of the Sierra Club and Chevron. Why does it seems the Sierra Club CEO sounds like a dick #
  • @frederickvan actually I have had the 3.0 update for the dev release and found it slow then and still slow now on the current iPhone 3G in reply to frederickvan #

My Resume in Latex!

First little note, this is a post from my old blog that was hosted at typepad.  After seeing the light and moving to wordpress I need to move them here so the links still work =\

After reading a lot about LaTeX, and seeing its powerful use in making documents i decided a good way to learn a lot more about LaTeX is to make a Resume using it.

My Resume: zuhaib-cv-ns.tex, (coming soon), zuhaib-cv-ns.pdf

What is LaTeX? Well if your asking that question, you might want to check the link out. But if you have ever read a computer text book, or any document published from a scientific or computer science community there is a very good chance it was made using LaTeX as it provides you more power over simple WYSIWYG editors like Word, especial for texts involving math equations.

Now a few notes about my resume, first is that i used a lot of sites to help make my resume, looking at other peoples works and referring to The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX. This is a good way to get started in anything new i feel, looking at examples and using texts as references as it can be pretty boring to just read.

Back to my resume for it to work you need to have res.cls but the one i used is an edited version of the one found on CTAN. The changes i made was to remove a badly place page break which would come out if you tried to use itemize for your position description which i wanted to use as i like the bullets. I am calling this version of rel.cls 2.09a and i will be e-mailing it to the original writer and see if i can get this incorporated in to the rel.cls on CTAN.

My Rel.cls: rel.cls

The main tex file was based off the one provided by Jason R. Blevins, with some edits you can see in my tex file like to allow for bullets and to add itemize to position and other changes i liked from other people resumes that i will list below.

My tex editor of choice was actually TextMate for OS X, i liked a lot when working in OS X and the fact it and handle a lot of different type of files from LaTeX to just about anything you can throw at it. If your not on OS X, or dont want to play for TextMate, look at Emacs as that is the granddaddy for LaTeX.

To make the PDF and etc files i used the Makefile again from Jason Blevins file, again edited only to fit my needs

My Makefile: Makefile

That is about it i have for my make file, for more i would tell you to read these sites that helped me a lot besides the one i mentioned early


LaTeX Resume Tips
LaTeX CV Template
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
How to Write a Killer Resume (for Software Engineers)

And something for you people that must use word:

Give your résumé a face lift