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Well it seems my little comment to Boing…


p> Well it seems my little comment to Boing Boing was worth something, as i got my little two cents on the front page, here
Thank got they cleaned it up, my Java skills are better then my English (which is not much, as i love C++ but am not much of a coder). But talking to people in my family, all just say this is just the Police trying to get some points with politicians and full the recent nationalism that is growing in India. Most of the people that forum are more then likely Pakistani living in Pakistan or the US, where they cant be touched.
But it could cause some problems for the people posting there who are not Indian, if it had real content that is. Say someone posting a picture of Bombay Police beating on some people, or taking a bribe they might want to retaliate, which is not good. But i mean 99% of Orkut posting are just mindless rants of teenagers. But how far will the police, or google allow this to go? What about blogger? What about gmail? This worries me, and should worry others.