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I just recently purchased a Nerf gun at…

I just recently purchased a Nerf gun at Target as a impulse buy since it was under $20.  I pretty much planed to buy it, go to my friends house and cause havoc and torture my friend daughter which I did.  Looking at the gun you cant but think how well made it is and as if someone made it for adults and now I see why.  Checking online I see all these reviews and even modders like this video on how to make your gun more powerful.  Never thought Nerf gun would have such a hardcore following

YouTube – How to Modify the Nerf Alpha Trooper – Modification Tutorial.

ICC spot-fixing ruling PDF Blackout text

Earlier today the International Cricket Council, ICC, released a redacted version of its 102-page version of the final determination of the independent tribunal that handed out its verdict on February 5 after the spot-fixing hearings in Doha. You can find the document on this lame attempt to stop UK citizen from downloading here. Now when you download the document you will notice that by redacting the document they have blacked out some of the text of parts they dont want you to read. And in a “normal” PDF read this works as the document is “Encrypted” and it will prompt you for a password if you attempt to do anything to expose the text. But If you load the document in Skim, an open source OS X PDF reader, you find out they use the same method to blackout the text as others in the pass and failed, see this Slashdot article for more on this. So since I think everyone should see what the ICC is hiding and I see no legal reason for me not to disclose them so here you go.

I have put the paragraph number in the document and then the blacked out text. You can follow in the PDF document from the ICC and fill in the blanks with what I provided below.

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