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U.S. Jets Step Up Attacks on Gadhafi’s Troops | Danger Room |

The escalation has gone hand-in-hand with an Americanization of the conflict. Over the past 24 hours, coalition aircraft have flown 175 sorties over Libya, with U.S. pilots flying 113 of those missions. By contrast, on Monday, Odyssey Dawn flew fewer than 80 sorties, with “well over half” of them coming from non-U.S. planes, according to Gen. Carter Ham. Lesson: when the fighting gets serious, U.S. pilots are the ones you call.

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Osama Bin Laden’s SUV

Well according to The DEW Line before the heat started to get on him it was an SUV of some kind with an sun roof

“[Osama] Bin Laden, before he got smart, he had the only white SUV that had a sun roof in Afghanistan … but he figured that out pretty fast,” Schulte said.

Does not give away too much but I going to guess it was a Toyota Land Cruiser.  You might ask why, well when I visited the area in 2003 the hot new thing in the area for the rich was Land Cruisers, so much so that many held it in higher regard then a Merc or BMW.  This is not too odd as Toyota trucks have been popular with terrorist/3rd world nations for a long time as they are nearly indestructible as proved by Top Gear.

YouTube Preview Image and YouTube Preview Image

makes you wonder if we should just not track every Toyota imported to the region

Phone Phreaker almost started WWIII? Part 2 of 2

This is part two, the final part, in a short series about the attack in Bombay/Mumbai Part one here

We looked at the story of the possibility that someone tried fooling the Pakistani president with a fake phone call tht almost started a hot war between Pakistan and Indian. In this post we explore some technical aspect of how a hoax could go down and fool some basic protection system.

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Phone Phreaker almost started WWIII? Part 1 of 2

It what every world leader fears to hear, a phone call by a hostile nation warning you that soon you might be on the receiving end of an attack. You must act quick, get ready a defense, prepare for a counter attack and maybe be ready to pull the big guns and get ready the WMDs. But, what if that phone call never happen? What happen if it was a hoax? That is what happen (reported) between Pakistan and India just hours after the bombings in bombay.

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Local News STILL behind the times

News rooms all over Americans have been sweeting bullets about how online blogging are going to kill them because of their fast reporting and today I can see why. Around 4:40pm today right in front of my office was a crazy scene you would see in a action move set. Tens of cops, uncovers, motorcycle and etc on a high speed chase of who knows why. What i caught was a man trying to car jack people as he tried to ran away from the cops which I have never seen in my whole life. So after all the rumors on the street, it was a murder, bank robbery, who knows. But I thought I would wait till it hits the local news. Well I turn on the 5:30 news.. Nothing. 6:00 news? Nothing as well. Head over the sfgate and nothing really local. The only local news is about Bad Air and the tiger lawsuit. Really? Is this local to me? Your telling me a high speed chase is not local news? I am sorry, but that is pretty important to me as I live here (ok i live a few blocks away, but my building is there). I can see why sites like sfist are so popular with locals and the -ist sites are. They are what locals really care about. We all know San Francisco is a big city and maybe we do care about bigger issues but losing on reporting local news is pretty bad. I saw a camera man there, but, could not tell what channel he was from so he could have been a freelancer. But this lack of reporting of crime is a bit scary because if I was not there I would never know about it.

Pictures of the even after the break

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Protesters at Apple Store-Stonestown in San Francisco

So today I had to make a trip to the Apple Store in stonestown to drop off my Macbook Pro for repairs (LCD and the Hard Drive started to die).  Just as I was leaving i noticed two people standing outside.  At first I though maybe they where the Defective by Design people as they where in Lab coats (see here) IMG_0051

But after going up to them and getting a flier I notice it was something else and far from tech.  They where from a Union, Carpenters LU 405, and were upset over the fact a contractor that apple has hired is no longer using Union contractor.  A bit complicated, i know… Check out the flier IMG_0053 IMG_0054

This is not a new issue for anyone that has had a business that does construction from time to time, and we have seen many company run afoul of Labor Unions, but, its a bit rare to see Apple names tied in it.  Also the novel way that these guys where doing it, almost in a “Union 2.0″ type of way (yes I just made that up) caught me off guard. No pickets, no yelling, nothing.  The lab coats kind of add that extra layer of geek to it that just makes it scream “silicon valley”.  All they need is to make a facebook group and start posting all over Digg about this and they will be complete.

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