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Just finished Medal of Honor on Xbox 360…

Just finished Medal of Honor on Xbox 360 and first I am shocked at the short game play, it felt shorter then MW2 which was a short game. MoH is suppose to be better then MW2 yet it feels dated compared to a game that came out a year ago. Game play and story was meh, MW2 felt like a movie and kept you on your seat. This was predictable. Typical of EA games bug galore, got stuck on a ATV that required me to restart the game and in many parts of the game you can see Enemy spawn right infront of you as they come out of thin air. Also the AI for both Enemy and your teams mates is bad. You will see Enemy stand next to a team mate and fire ONLY at you. And your teammate will ignore them as they just firing at you. Also the AI does not change anything up, so if you die and need to restart they do the same thing again. Come on. Gah.. The only thing I am happy is I got the game from Amazon so I have $20 credit to use to buy MW2:Special Ops which I hope lives up the MW name.

So my iPhone 4 impression after a weeken…

So my iPhone 4 impression after a weekend with it is pretty much it is very slick and fast. We have all read about all the great stuff, but a few nagging things still remain.

First is the fact that you have to switch to another app to send texts, which sucks. It was one of the key reasons I jailbroke my old iPhone 3G. At lest now some apps can be backgrounds so I dont lose everything but we need to be able to send text inside of an app.

Camera is a lot faster, but still a bit slow to load. Tho some reports this is a bug and could be fixed, but they said that about the older iPhones as well :\

Also I found a nasty bug with the backgrounding, it seemed some app locked up the GPS and caused it to hang and it would not release it. Which caused the phone to slow down, and the GPS would not work with any app. Only fix was to shut down and restart. Should have a “Shut all Apps” button.

Just a few initial thoughts on the iphone