Well it seems my little comment to Boing…


p> Well it seems my little comment to Boing Boing was worth something, as i got my little two cents on the front page, here http://www.boingboing.net/2007/03/13/india_googles_orkut_.html.
Thank got they cleaned it up, my Java skills are better then my English (which is not much, as i love C++ but am not much of a coder). But talking to people in my family, all just say this is just the Police trying to get some points with politicians and full the recent nationalism that is growing in India. Most of the people that forum are more then likely Pakistani living in Pakistan or the US, where they cant be touched.
But it could cause some problems for the people posting there who are not Indian, if it had real content that is. Say someone posting a picture of Bombay Police beating on some people, or taking a bribe they might want to retaliate, which is not good. But i mean 99% of Orkut posting are just mindless rants of teenagers. But how far will the police, or google allow this to go? What about blogger? What about gmail? This worries me, and should worry others.

Why do jobs require Word Docs!!!!

Ugg, this is a major rant that pisses me off.
As i have been posting i am looking for a job on and off, applying at anything that catches my eye. Well things are looking good, but one thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that a lot of these stupid web resume interfaces that these jobs require to apply for (which is something i hate) do not accept pdf resumes! And not only that, but they require MS Word files!! Well as someone who has taken pride in making my resume in LaTeX, which looks very nice IMO is ruined when made in MS Word. Also, what gets me is MS Word has you locked down, while pdf is soon to be an open source standard and its not like these managers at big companies dont know how to open PDF’s. While working at Lockheed, most of the files we used where in PDF and when we E-Mailed docs it was always considered good practice to make it a PDF so people dont get scared if you have a macro virus. Just think about that, all those poor Business major who take time writing there resumes only to have all there word doc e-mails kicked out of the servers because they have some macro virus.
Uggg.. All i ask for is to accept pdf files!! Also dont use stupid web resumes to ruin my format.

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John C Dvorak : “iPhone Unlikely to be Big Success”

In this CNBC segment, John Dvorak gives us his take on the Apple iPhone. He thinks this device is unikely to be a “big success.”
This is an interesting little segment, Dvorak gets a lot fo flack from time to time for the things he says but i think with this he is right. Remember this is the same man that predicted that the intel switch will be a big boom for Apple, and it has. But this iPhone will sell a lot, but not take the market by storm, unlike the iPod the other cell phones have some pretty nice things, as he mentioned the keypad. This is the key reason i got a Palm Treo 750v over a Cingular 8525, which is pretty much a touch screen for calling as the keyboard is only used in typing, two hand mode. I want that feel of the key, the feedback of it so i know what keys i am hitting. It is important if your doing one handed calling where you cant see the keys, or even texting alot. While i love touch screens for other interface actions, which is why i love the Treo, i think the iPhone rocks there. But i think this phone will be a hit for the Sidekick people but not hurt the palm, bb and etc power users market.

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My Resume in Latex!

After reading a lot about LaTeX, and seeing its powerful use in making documents i decided a good way to learn a lot more about LaTeX is to make a Resume using it.

My Resume: zuhaib-cv.tex, zuhaib-cv.ps, zuhaib-cv.pdf

What is LaTeX? Well if your asking that question, you might want to check the link out. But if you have ever read a computer text book, or any document published from a scientific or computer science community there is a very good chance it was made using LaTeX as it provides you more power over simple WYSIWYG editors like Word, especial for texts involving math equations.

Now a few notes about my resume, first is that i used a lot of sites to help make my resume, looking at other peoples works and referring to The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX. This is a good way to get started in anything new i feel, looking at examples and using texts as references as it can be pretty boring to just read.

Back to my resume for it to work you need to have res.cls but the one i used is an edited version of the one found on CTAN. The changes i made was to remove a badly place page break which would come out if you tried to use itemize for your position description which i wanted to use as i like the bullets. I am calling this version of rel.cls 2.09a and i will be e-mailing it to the original writer and see if i can get this incorporated in to the rel.cls on CTAN.

My Rel.cls: rel.cls

The main tex file was based off the one provided by Jason R. Blevins, with some edits you can see in my tex file like to allow for bullets and to add itemize to position and other changes i liked from other people resumes that i will list below.

My tex editor of choice was actually TextMate for OS X, i liked a lot when working in OS X and the fact it and handle a lot of different type of files from LaTeX to just about anything you can throw at it. If your not on OS X, or dont want to play for TextMate, look at Emacs as that is the granddaddy for LaTeX.

To make the PDF and etc files i used the Makefile again from Jason Blevins file, again edited only to fit my needs

My Makefile: Makefile

That is about it i have for my make file, for more i would tell you to read these sites that helped me a lot besides the one i mentioned early


LaTeX Resume Tips
LaTeX CV Template
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
How to Write a Killer Resume (for Software Engineers)

And something for you people that must use word:

Give your résumé a face lift

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