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The joys of iFolder, and getting a basic user guide

If your a cloud type of person, whatever that means, meaning you like to put stuff online and share then you likely have been using Dropbox like I do. Its a free/paid service that lets you store up to 2GB free (and more if you pay) online. Thats not new, but what it also does it sync with local folders, and allows for you to collaborate on those folders and keep tracks of who is editing what. So its great way to share files with friends that you cant normally do with E-Mail. But What if you dont trust keeping your super secret files on some startups server? What if you need something with more control or more size and have sever power to throw at it. Then iFolder is for you! But with all OSS stuff their is no great end user – user guide around (as in the thing for your customer), but read on as I think I have the solution.

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My Resume in Latex!

First little note, this is a post from my old blog that was hosted at typepad.  After seeing the light and moving to wordpress I need to move them here so the links still work =\

After reading a lot about LaTeX, and seeing its powerful use in making documents i decided a good way to learn a lot more about LaTeX is to make a Resume using it.

My Resume: zuhaib-cv-ns.tex, zuhaib-cv.ps (coming soon), zuhaib-cv-ns.pdf

What is LaTeX? Well if your asking that question, you might want to check the link out. But if you have ever read a computer text book, or any document published from a scientific or computer science community there is a very good chance it was made using LaTeX as it provides you more power over simple WYSIWYG editors like Word, especial for texts involving math equations.

Now a few notes about my resume, first is that i used a lot of sites to help make my resume, looking at other peoples works and referring to The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX. This is a good way to get started in anything new i feel, looking at examples and using texts as references as it can be pretty boring to just read.

Back to my resume for it to work you need to have res.cls but the one i used is an edited version of the one found on CTAN. The changes i made was to remove a badly place page break which would come out if you tried to use itemize for your position description which i wanted to use as i like the bullets. I am calling this version of rel.cls 2.09a and i will be e-mailing it to the original writer and see if i can get this incorporated in to the rel.cls on CTAN.

My Rel.cls: rel.cls

The main tex file was based off the one provided by Jason R. Blevins, with some edits you can see in my tex file like to allow for bullets and to add itemize to position and other changes i liked from other people resumes that i will list below.

My tex editor of choice was actually TextMate for OS X, i liked a lot when working in OS X and the fact it and handle a lot of different type of files from LaTeX to just about anything you can throw at it. If your not on OS X, or dont want to play for TextMate, look at Emacs as that is the granddaddy for LaTeX.

To make the PDF and etc files i used the Makefile again from Jason Blevins file, again edited only to fit my needs

My Makefile: Makefile

That is about it i have for my make file, for more i would tell you to read these sites that helped me a lot besides the one i mentioned early


LaTeX Resume Tips
LaTeX CV Template
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
How to Write a Killer Resume (for Software Engineers)

And something for you people that must use word:

Give your résumé a face lift