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Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Linux? Thunderbird (and xdata-provider) to the rescue!

As much as open source guys like myself love to bash on MS, there is just something they do right. And if its not right, sometimes they are just the only guys in town. And one of those things in Microsoft Exchange. No one has yet been able to replicate the full experience of Outlook + Exchange in terms of calendaring and E-Mail, especially if your looking for a non-cloud solution. Hell even many Web 2.0 companies who are ready to accept non-Microsoft products have a hard time walking away from Exchange. But in that case you might run in to a case you might have a Exchange Server but a Client using Linux, and that is what I ran in to helping LinkedIn move to Exchange 2010. So what are you to do? Well we got a fix for you.

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The joys of iFolder, and getting a basic user guide

If your a cloud type of person, whatever that means, meaning you like to put stuff online and share then you likely have been using Dropbox like I do. Its a free/paid service that lets you store up to 2GB free (and more if you pay) online. Thats not new, but what it also does it sync with local folders, and allows for you to collaborate on those folders and keep tracks of who is editing what. So its great way to share files with friends that you cant normally do with E-Mail. But What if you dont trust keeping your super secret files on some startups server? What if you need something with more control or more size and have sever power to throw at it. Then iFolder is for you! But with all OSS stuff their is no great end user – user guide around (as in the thing for your customer), but read on as I think I have the solution.

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