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Getting Twitter and Facebook Analytics

So A few weeks back someone tip me on to Thinkup, http://thinkupapp.com/, An PHP app that lets you get some basic Analytics from your twitter and facebook followers. Also as an upside it provides you a backup of your twitter and facebook feed as it stores it in a local MySQL database. You can view sample of my twitter data here: http://thinkup.zuhaib.me/. Not to useful for me as I am not a crazy twitter but I can see some interesting potential in it.

Also right now I am running it on a EC2 server from Amazon using their new Free Tier, http://aws.amazon.com/free/, so it gives me a chance to test out a few things with that. If you plan to do the same I suggest you check out my forum post about an mysql issue that wil cause performance issue and the fix: http://zuzu.pk/17n I suggest you give it a spin if you have some free webspace.