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Getting Twitter and Facebook Analytics

So A few weeks back someone tip me on to Thinkup, http://thinkupapp.com/, An PHP app that lets you get some basic Analytics from your twitter and facebook followers. Also as an upside it provides you a backup of your twitter and facebook feed as it stores it in a local MySQL database. You can view sample of my twitter data here: http://thinkup.zuhaib.me/. Not to useful for me as I am not a crazy twitter but I can see some interesting potential in it.

Also right now I am running it on a EC2 server from Amazon using their new Free Tier, http://aws.amazon.com/free/, so it gives me a chance to test out a few things with that. If you plan to do the same I suggest you check out my forum post about an mysql issue that wil cause performance issue and the fix: http://zuzu.pk/17n I suggest you give it a spin if you have some free webspace.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • @Viper007Bond How woiuld you over load it, using weights :P in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @Clegko o_0 am I the only person in the world that never had RRoD, are you plugged in to a "Power Protector" in reply to Clegko #
  • @Clegko Odd, one of the theory and one that I bought in to was the 360s PSU allowed too much noise and voltage change in reply to Clegko #
  • I just got around to see District 9, wow.. Just wow #
  • @gioi Hey not my fault it came out just before Ramadan so I had no time to watch it :| But it was worth the wait in reply to gioi #
  • @Mallikarjunan been a while since I looked at CRM, but if you have your own server maybe look at SugarCRM. in reply to Mallikarjunan #
  • new flash beta does a great job in reducing over head, finally Adobe listen just as HTML5 is about to take over the world #
  • @VernonDavis85 you get a TD in the game this week and I will send 40hr next week voting for you in reply to VernonDavis85 #
  • @Viper007Bond I thought the whole "no hosted server" was to stop that.. Guess its failed in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @Viper007Bond Nice, maybe its a good idea i am planing to get it for 360 in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @MattMaiocco Hey Matt, I know you talk to guys from other team maybe you should talk to James Jones of the Packs he is a local boy from SJSU in reply to MattMaiocco #
  • @Viper007Bond wtf Now the question is it some Top Gear nutter or what. Maybe its Chris and he plans to host that special pic he has of you in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @Cruzz563 @Clegko They are redoing the site, but they made a bunch of hype on it *yawn* as I just use the RSS #engadget #
  • wow had a weird moment, phone hanged so I banged it on the table out of frustration and it started working o_0 #
  • @MattMaiocco http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=339043381&subMediaType=Audio in reply to MattMaiocco #
  • Wow Google Chrome OS is just a Thin Client PC that was all the rage Web 1.0 #
  • "pray as if this is your last prayer" #
  • WTF happen to the Geek Kevin RT @kevinrose: started my chinese reflexology detox today (10days) … no animals products/alcohol for 10days! #
  • @AnamPagal wow you got that up fast i am not even otu of the door yet! in reply to AnamPagal #
  • Humm I really like Brizzly interface, I wonder if they can maybe package it up for a standalone app. Adobe AIR anyone? #
  • @AnamPagal Hey how did you tweet your gmail settings! Share with me! in reply to AnamPagal #
  • @Viper007Bond Hey did you buy your camera yet? If not check this review http://bit.ly/6jktyD #
  • @Viper007Bond When the LX3 came out i lusted over it for a bit as the G10 was a bust, but this G11 looks like a better camera from reviews in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @Viper007Bond yeah 720p is nice, but how likely are you to upload that 720p to share with people. Also I want a camera, not a camcorder :P in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • Fuck someone help I am stuck at the movies watching twilight. It has not started yet I am thinking of ways to kill myself #
  • @Viper007Bond that's not bad, when I get home I can show u some of the video from steve race i took on the g9 #
  • Well the movie started, maybe at lest they learned how to act the least. Maybe not #
  • @Clegko well it has a Volvo. You can guess who and what drags a man to a movie like this #
  • Well the writing is still shit. #
  • Well the woman vamps looked hotter then the main actress. #
  • Actually the male vamps beside Edwards look "normal" but he looks like he went to every male makeup store #
  • Omfg a ghost vampire. How is that? #
  • Wow the movie almost had a high point point in Italy and talking about history and that damn love story came back #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • Alex Smith has to start next week! #
  • More reason why I hate the Raiders, because of them I cant see the Cowboy v Falcon game. Screw you Al Davis #
  • @THErealDVORAK yeah but DirecTV wants you to buy Sunday ticket to get that Chan, which is worthless in reply to THErealDVORAK #
  • @Viper007Bond I photo blog I follow just had an article about the guy switching his P&S from LX3 to G11, http://bit.ly/2xPwDo in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • I have one google voice invite left, if anyone wants it reply #
  • @Viper007Bond Inch a day is not bad, last week we had something like an inch drop in one hour :o City streets got flooded in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • OK question to everyone should I post a link to my old james bond site I made as a teenager on tripod, including its spinning gif and all #
  • @Clegko Did you actually twitter that? Maybe their is some other guy with a name close to yours in reply to Clegko #
  • Whats going on @ritualcoffee, first my double shot order gets missed, the 2nd try is only a single and the shot i got had a sour complex =| #
  • @Clegko ouch, how bad is the damage.. and with every accident, pics! in reply to Clegko #
  • @Clegko Its going to buff out :P in reply to Clegko #
  • @PacketCollision and use Chinese steal as it has been reported causing some trouble in reply to PacketCollision #
  • Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee and Bryani is a great duo #
  • The Ares 1-X launch is one step forward, two steps backwards #
  • @PacketCollision Hey I know you run openwrt a lot, you have any good quite/how to I am getting tired of dd-wrt issues #
  • @Clegkoin reply to Clegko #
  • @patricknorton If only it speed up performance for Win7 VM which is still slow startup in reply to patricknorton #
  • #ubuntu please make your servers faster, my laptop says it will take a whole day to update =( #
  • @PacketCollision :| I should have doen that before I started the upgrade Its saying between 2 hours to 45 mins, maybe stop it or not in reply to PacketCollision #
  • Whats up with Fox and all the tight face shots, its getting a bit much #
  • @Clegko Did you ever fry a AMD CPU? I find the smell of a burnt CPU hard to get rid off, trust me in reply to Clegko #
  • =\ I think Ubuntu 9.10 is slower on my old Dell which makes no sense #
  • Mexican Chocolate ice cream FTW #
  • wow Google Chrome is epic on Ubuntu, its now the default #
  • lol Google does nto have google gears working for Chrome on Linux #
  • Well finally got my google wave invite, does not say who sent it but thanks to anyone who did :) #
  • google wave address, [email protected] #
  • @Clegko DM me ur email i will add you to the list in reply to Clegko #
  • @Cruzz563 thats a poor use, what OS you have on it? #
  • @kevinrose Where you not rooting for Favre against the Niners a few weeks back on TWiT #gopack in reply to kevinrose #
  • @MattMaiocco Any idea who are the PR guy for today? Still Battle (hope not) in reply to MattMaiocco #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • @MattMaiocco At lest your getting two games, we in SF are stuck with the Cards v Hawks game in reply to MattMaiocco #
  • http://xkcd.com/651/ scary thing is my dad said the same thing a while back at an airport :\ #
  • Just uploaded 6 new photos to my Flickr "Fleet Week 2009" photoset: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zuhaib/sets/72157622609419612 #
  • @Clegko Same reasons we need a WHS, it makes *some* sense had they made the drives removable. I can think of a few business that can use it in reply to Clegko #
  • Question for my Facebook friends from SF, how many of you guys heard of the western addition while growing up #
  • http://xkcd.com/652/ Its almost scary the fact its true #
  • @hostchopper I say take the Chopper and fly over to Adobe HQ and demand they cut the fat in reply to hostchopper #
  • @CoffeeGeek because Coffee is more cooler then random gadgets :P BTW ever had Indian Monsooned Malabar? I got a half pound to try 2m in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • Damn watch the Yankees cheat and stall the whole game to get their pitcher ready. That's bs #
  • @CoffeeGeek oh, well 2m morning French Press coffee is going to be fun, but knowing me I might go Turkish for fun in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • @CoffeeGeek I can see why, it is very different a taste I think i need to try more to get the right word. I can see why some hate it in reply to CoffeeGeek #
  • This is depressing my picture of Barry Bonds on flickr is getting reference for people searching for Barry Blond Suck =| #
  • I hate 10am Niner games on a Sunday :( #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18